We proudly  welcome the Victory Amp line to our store.....Hand built in the UK, incomparable tone and quality!

Music Traders is one of four authorized Victory dealers in the United States. Stop by and plug in today. Victory Amplification is a new name in no-compromise, hand-built valve guitar amps from Great Britain. 

All Victory Amplifiers are hand-built in the UK using the very highest quality components and built to exacting specs, aimed at discerning players looking for the ultimate in valve guitar tone. 

V130 Super Countess


100 watts and four footswitchable all-valve modes: staggering versatility with power aplenty for any stage

V130 is evolved from our V30 The Countess model, upscaled in power, versatility and format. You can expect everything from high-headroom cleans, through light breakup tones, to classic rock, all the way to full-on shred levels of gain. The four 6L6es in the power section can also be switched from 100 to 30 watts with the low-power mode. If you seek maximum versatility across the whole range of gain, V130 The Super Countess is for you.

V30 The Countess

Portable yet powerful: 30-watts and two channels of gig-ready valve tone to take anywhere 

A huge range of clean, crunch and lead tones in a two-channel, all-valve design, developed with the help of Guthrie Govan as his ‘flying amp’. The power section offers four configurations from 2 to 30 watts, giving you the ultimate package of portability and flexibility. The Victory V30 Countess is the little amp with a huge voice to cover all your playing needs.

V40 The Dutchess

So simple, so compelling: vintage-style American cleans through to vintage British break-up – and great with pedals, too!


This single-channel, all-valve design is all about maximum tone with  minimum confusion. Housed in the same light and portable chassis as our award-winning V30 The Countess, V40 The Duchess simply owns all of those elusive 'in-between' clean-to-overdrive sounds. 'Black face', 'tweed' and 'plexi' are tones we all know and love – and here we can know and love them in one blissfully simple amplifier! Responds to your guitar, responds to you.

V50 The Earl

Simple yet versatile: 50-watts of rock-ready valve tone from two capable channels 

The Earl gives you a wide range of clean, crunch and lead tones in a two-channel format. Chest-thumping power delivery cuts through when you’re playing live, with enough gain on tap to cover any musical style from supercharged blues to screaming high-gain rock.
Simple to use but chock-full of pro tones, The Earl is the workhorse
that will keep you sounding great night after night.


Incredible versatility delivered with 100-watts of play-anywhere power

Our flagship amp, the V100 brings you two channels of pure cleans, crushing crunches and searing lead sounds for the most demanding professional live and studio environments. With six footswitchable options including lead boost, dual effects loops, two master volumes, spring reverb and channel selection, the V100 will keep you rocking with absolute confidence, gig after gig.


Developed with Dorje frontman Rob Chapman

Two footswitchable channels cover clean, crunch and crushing overdrive tones to deliver the ultimate blend of sounds and features from Rob’s favourite amplifiers to date. Rob has also come up with an ingenious removable magnetic ‘Knobguard’ that keeps your settings safe when the amp is on stage, and also offers extra protection during transportation. There’s also a flip-up top grille to enable quick access for valve changes.
The Silverback delivers all the power, reliability and tonal flexibility for heavy rock and metal players, not least Chappers himself! 


Get the most from your Victory amp with our exceptional cabs

Our speaker cabinets are hand built in England using redwood pine for top and sides and quality baltic birch ply for backs and baffles. Our speaker baffles are angled back by 12 degrees to help with projection towards you when you’re playing. They’re finished in black bronco vinyl with vintage black woven grille cloth to match aesthetically – and of course tonally – with our heads. Why choose anything less for your Victory amplifier?


113 Mohawk Ave., Scotia, NY 12302

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